CRM - Certified Carbon Reduction Manager

crm   The Certified Carbon & GHG Reduction Manager (CRM®) Program for Professional Certification

AEE's Certified Carbon & GHG Reduction Manager (CRM) program is designed to provide recognition for professionals who have distinguished themselves as leaders in the growing field of carbon reduction. AEE's widely respected CRM certification and its associated training program were originally launched in 2008. The seminar has now been presented on 4 continents, and the certification has gained broad acceptance both in the U.S. and abroad. The designation CRM identifies individuals who have demonstrated high levels of technical expertise in energy management and environmental practices.

Program Objectives

  • To raise the professional standards of those engaged in carbon reduction
  • To improve the practice of carbon reduction through a targeted continuing education program of professional development
  • To identify persons with acceptable knowledge of the principles and practices of carbon reduction through successful completion of an examination and fulfillment of prescribed standards of professional performance and conduct
  • To award special recognition to those individuals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness in the carbon reduction field


Videos About the Course

Check out these brief videos about the CRM course!

As preparation for the CRM course, please refer to the webinars below. Students are strongly encouraged to review the agenda and prepare for the class.  The links below are free webinars that will help students review concepts related to the "time value of money" as well as "financing."  It is encouraged to review this material prior to the course.


The prerequisites to qualify for the certification process have been designed to take into account the possible diversity of education and background an individual may have. However, each candidate for CRM certification must meet one of the following criteria prior to sitting for the CRM examination:

Education   Work Experience
A four-year engineering or achitectural degree and/or the current status of Certified Energy Manager (CEM®) in good standing    
A four-year business or related degree AND At least 3 years of experience in energy/carbon management
A two-year technical degree AND At least 5 years of experience in energy/carbon management
NONE   At least 8 years of experience in energy/carbon management


Examination and Training Requirement
All CRM candidates must attend one of AEE's prepartory CRM training seminars, and complete and pass the four-hour written CRM examination. Information on seminar training options is provided below. CRM examination questions are drawn from areas of knowledge such as applicable codes and standards; carbon auditing; emissions reporting/verification; emissions conversions; energy efficiency technologies; renewable energy sources and green power; fleet management; emissions trading; recycling and water management; and applicable financing and marketing strategies.

The exam is open book, and questions are a mixture of multiple choice and true/false.

Fees for the CRM certification process are as follows:

  • Certification Application and Examination:
    • $400 for exam taken at a remote testing center following completion of AEE's realtime online CRM training seminar
  • Seminar Registration:
    • Realtime Online Seminar: $895 for AEE members / $995 for non-AEE members
  • Certification Renewal:
    • $300 every three years

These fees must be paid at the time the CRM application and the seminar registration are submitted.

How to Apply for CRM Certification

Application Deadlines: Your completed application must be received by the Certification Administrator 3 weeks prior to date of the examination for which you wish to sit in order to guarantee you are pre-registered for the examination.  After this date, you may be required to complete a waiver on-site if your name is not pre-registered


All CRM candidates are required to complete the web-based seminar, Fast Track CRM Training Program for Carbon & GHG Reduction Managers (12 hours in 6 two-hour online sessions) offered several times each year.

Note: Registering for the seminar does not automatically register you for the CRM exam. After completing your seminar registration, return to this page, and go to STEP TWO. The links below will take you to seminar course information, current schedules and access to online seminar registration:

& GHG Reduction Managers
12-hour (over 6 days) realtime online seminar
Earns 1.2 CEU

Click above link for seminar description, dates and times, fee information, and online registration



After you have completed your seminar registration, click the link below to complete your CRMTM Certification/Exam application:

CRM Certification/Exam Application
(Application covers both live and remote testing options)

  1. After completing the online training seminar, CRM applicant completes the online CRM certification application, selecting the remote testing option under "Testing Location."
  2. Applicant submits completed online CRM application to AEE for review.
  3. AEE reviews the application and sends an initial response letter to the applicant, either accepting the application, or requesting additional information if necessary.
  4. Upon initial acceptance, AEE sends the applicant's contact information to the main office for Remote Testing Centers.

    (To see a testing center locations map, Click Here; however do not contact the testing center directly. You must be approved for testing by applying through AEE first, and then the testing center will contact you upon your acceptance as a CRM exam candidate.)

  5. The Remote Testing Center contacts the applicant directly to arrange the testing location, explain the testing procedures and ID required, and provide a testing center password. A two business day notice is required by the remote testing facility to reschedule.  If you do not for any reason give this notice, you will be required to pay the center fee of $70 before you can reschedule.
  6. Applicant takes the open-book CRM exam at his/her chosen remote testing center.
  7. Notification of Exam Results: Upon completion of the exam, the applicant will see an INITIAL test score. The results will be sent to AEE by the remote testing center, and the applicant will receive a letter from AEE within 30 days of completion of the exam which includes the OFFICIAL test score and applicant's status. Please do not call AEE about your test results before the end of the thirty-day period. Exam results are not available on the AEE website.
  8. Review by the Certification Board: If all required references are in place, the application is in order, all fees have been paid, the applicant has met all eligibility requirements and passed the exam, AEE will send the applicant's file to the CRM Board for final approval.
  9. Receiving Your Certification: The Board approval process usually takes 6-8 weeks. Once the approvals have been sent to AEE from the CRM Board, the applicant achieves CRM status, and will receive his/her CRM Certificate in the mail.

Please do not contact the Remote Testing Center for any information on your certification status.

International Certification Training
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Maintaining Certification

For information on maintaining your certification, please go to our certification renewals website. 

For Additional Information About CRM Certification...

If you have any questions about CRM certification, please contact:

Francine Seskin, CRM Certification Director
Association of Energy Engineers
(770) 447-5083, ext. 223