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Organizations that realize the value of achieving a high level of visibility in the energy industry are likely candidates for AEE Corporate Membership. In itself, the decision to join indicates your interest in promoting and participating in high levels of professional excellence. And the following specific benefits more than justify the modest cost of membership.

As a Corporate Member, your company logo will be displayed in the Corporate Member Showcase at the AEE shows coast to coast, including:

  • Globalcon
  • West Coast Energy Management Congress
  • World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC)

Companies may designate three representatives to receive all AEE publications. Other delegates may be added at a reduced rate. Company delegates receive:

  • Energy Engineering
  • Strategic Planning for Energy & the Environment
  • Sustainable Facility Magazine
  • Distributed Energy Magazine
  • AEE Energy Insight

In addition, Corporate Members are featured at a plenary event of the WEEC, AEE’s flagship show, and lists of Corporate Members are included in various AEE publications, such as show proceedings and AEE journals, as well as on the Corporate Member website (see link above).

All other employees of the company pay a reduced rate membership fee of $160 per year (regular rate is $195).

Corporate Members receive the annual AEE Survey, a 200-page survey detailing market trends and business opportunities.

Corporate Members enjoy a number of special discounts available to each of its employees.

Proudly display thi
s handsome plaque indicating that you are a Corporate Member.

Your company name will be prominently listed in the Proceedings of the World Energy Engineering Congress (WEEC) and AEE Energy Insight.

COST: $1,395 per year


When joining as a Corporate Member, you may choose the annual fee renewal option or the Life Corporate Member option. Existing Corporate Members may also choose this option at any time and upgrade to Life Corporate Member.

If you choose this option you will never have to pay dues again. Life Corporate Membership includes all the benefits listed above and the following:

- Three (3) transferable memberships that never expire
- All divisions of AEE are included
- Receive all the benefits of a Corporate Member and never have to pay dues again!

To join AEE as a Life Corporate Member, simply check the box under the Life Corporate Member option on the Corporate Member Application.


COST: $10,000 one-time fee


We invite you to join AEE as a Corporate Member and distinguish your firm as a leader in energy efficiency, environmental management, and operational productivity. Your company will benefit by the added exposure you will receive, the special discounts available to Corporate Members and their employees, the ability to add additional members at a reduced rate, and the prominent Corporate Member listings featured at events, conferences, and industry publications.

For more information on how you can become a Corporate Member, please click here.

For the Corporate Member Application, click here.

Corporate Member Benefits:
Quick Overview
  • Three Individual Delegate memberships ($570 value)
  • Logo listing on AEE's Web site and Link to Corporate Member's Web site
  • Prominent listing on Corporate Member Showcase displayed at each AEE show
  • 15% Discount on books and $100 off non-member rate for live and realtime seminars available to ALL Corporate Member employees
  • Special recognition in WEEC Conference Proceedings distributed to all conference attendees
  • Additional individual AEE memberships from the same Corporate Member firm which can be added at a reduced cost
  • Corporate Member listing in AEE member publication AEE Energy Insight