Demand for qualified Certified Energy Managers & Energy Auditors Expected to Heat-up

Demand for qualified Certified Energy Managers & Energy Auditors Expected to Heat-up
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has partnered with the local New York Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) to launch a comprehensive training program for Certified Energy Managers® at the Steven L. Newman Real Estate Institute of Baruch College on March 29 – April 2, 2010. This is the first in a series of trainings planned in cooperation with AEE National and NYSERDA to address the growing demand for qualified Certified Energy Managers and Certified Energy Auditors needed to support the portfolio of energy efficiency programs funded through the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS).
The New York State Public Service Commission (NY PSC) approved a Workforce Development Program to be administered by NYSERDA to support the training needs of over 6,200 workers during 2010-2011. According to Garry Brown, Chairman of the NY PSC,The demand for qualified energy auditors and energy managers is increasing as building owners and managers work to reduce overall energy consumption and improve operations.NYSERDA’s Workforce Development Program will help train the workforce needed to meet the energy goals of the EEPS, and help further establish a green, energy efficient New York.”
“Strong workforce development programs are the lynchpin to building a clean energy economy,” said Francis J. Murray, Jr., President and CEO of NYSERDA. “AEE’s program connects New Yorkers with training opportunities that will provide them with the necessary skills for careers in the expanding energy efficiency arena and help the State achieve the goals of the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard.”
When considered alongside the recently passed Greener Greater Buildings Plan legislation in New York City, this effort will require an estimated 600 qualified energy auditors to perform energy audits in buildings greater than 50,000 square feet in the coming years.
The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) views New York’s Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard and the recent enactment of the City’s Greener Greater Buildings Plan legislation, which requires energy audits and retro-commissioning of base building systems of certain buildings, to be a very positive step toward creating clean energy jobs, improving the energy efficiency performance of buildings, and another bold step toward National energy security and greenhouse gas reduction.
According to Albert Thumann, Executive Director, AEE “the demand for Certified Energy Managers® and Certified Energy Auditors (CEA) keeps growing. We are witnessing more and more States enacting innovative forward thinking policies which will propel the energy efficiency, CleanTech, and green job creation movement. A CEM® or CEA is experienced in energy management and we anticipate hosting additional energy courses and building commissioning seminars in New York as a direct result of growing demand. We applaud the CITY and NYSERDA for developing an action plan for the new wave of high performance buildings.”
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Under direction of the New York State Public Service Commission, NYSERDA works with utilities and other entities to administer the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS), a multi-faceted energy efficiency initiative. With a goal of reducing electric usage by 15 percent of projected levels by 2015, the EEPS will cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce customers’ electric bills, stimulate economic development and create jobs in the clean energy sector for New Yorkers.
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The six-point Greener, Greater Buildings Plan, introduced on Earth Day and enacted as part of PlaNYC, includes four bills that will dramatically reduce the City’s energy usage, saving consumers $700 million annually in energy costs, while creating 17,880 jobs and reducing New York City’s carbon footprint. In addition to the four pieces of legislation, the six-point plan includes two PlaNYC programs that will train workers for the new construction-related jobs that will be created, and help finance energy-saving improvements using $16 million in federal stimulus funding. The plan will also result in cleaner air, since pollution from boilers, furnaces, and local power plants will also be reduced.
The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) uses innovation and technology to solve some of New York's most difficult energy and environmental problems in ways that improve the State’s economy. For more information about NYSERDA, please visit or call 1-866-NYSERDA.
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The Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) is your source for information and networking in the dynamic fields of energy engineering and management, renewable and alternative energy, power generation, energy services, sustainability, and all related areas. As a growing professional association, AEE’s overall strength is augmented by its strong membership base of over 11,000 professionals and its widely recognized certification programs. Its network of 71 local chapters located throughout the U.S. and abroad meets regularly to discuss issues of regional importance.